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Three Great Reasons Why You Should Go Solar Today!

2. Homes With Solar Systems Sell for More Money

The Department of Energy conducted studies in 2011 and 2013 that found clear evidence that homes with purchased solar systems sold at a premium. Findings showed that homes with a new 5 KW system, on average, sold for nearly $40,000 more than similar homes with no PV installed. This is well above both the replacement cost of the system and the system’s expected income.

3. You can help the planet

Installing Solar Unlimited products allows you to help the planet

Last, but certainly not least, power plant emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfates and nitrates are a serious threat to our air quality and directly impact our habitat, the animals around us, and our health. Energy costs, both financial and environmental, are rising. Issues include:

  •  Poor urban air quality is leading to more children with asthma.
  • Escalating energy prices.
  • Global warming has altered the balance of nature, raised ocean temperatures.  Elevated sea levels, and changed the ecosystems around us.

With a solar energy system from Solar Unlimited you will produce most of or all of your own power and be doing your part to help the environment.

What Customers Are Saying

[vc_testimonial title=”Treated Like Family”]We recently hired Solar Unlimited to install a PV system at our home. When Bob Irwin came to our home, he explained the purchase options in detail, provided us a drawing of what the system would look like on our roof and detailed the “payback” period of our investment based on our energy usage. He also spelled out the time line and steps involved in the project. Solar Unlimited performed just as they said they would and now we are enjoying monthly energy savings like never before! From beginning to end, the Solar Unlimited staff treated us like family. The PV system was priced fairly and within our budget. We heartily recommend Solar Unlimited to anyone with similar needs.

– Loren & Marsha Ford[/vc_testimonial]

What We're About

About Solar Unlimited

Solar Unlimited Inc. is family owned and operated in Southern California

Founded in 1980 Solar Unlimited is one of the oldest and most experienced solar installation companies in Southern California. For more than 35 years we have provided the highest level of service and products to our thousands of customers – many of who have been with us since the beginning.

We are here to Serve

Our Services go far beyond the initial installation of your system. At Solar Unlimited it is our goal that your solar system and the benefits it provides will last a lifetime. In addition to the installation of an initial system we are experts in removal and re-installation of the panels for re-roofing or remodeling purposes. We also have one of the most well respected service departments in the industry. We service and can provide maintenance on any system regardless of who installed it or what type of panel is installed. We are committed to making sure your solar system works to its best capacity and proficiency.

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