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20 Amp Twist Lock

20 Amp Twist Lock

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How Does A Twist Lock Plug And Receptacle Work?

A twist lock will create a very tight connection and seal. The plug will not become loose and expose the prongs or receptacle holes to foreign objects.  Twist locks plugs and locking plug power cords are perfect when you need an uninterrupted electrical connection.

When electrical equipment vibrates, it can unplug itself. If you have a twist lock plug and respectable, you must twist the plug and lock it into place, and vice versa to disconnect.  For equipment that needs continuous, uninterrupted service, it is essential. 

Do not use it in a situation where individuals might trip over the power cord. The cord can become damaged, and the person may be injured. A damaged cord could expose wires and create an electrical hazard and endanger the electrical equipment and the individual operating it. Cords must be secured to the ground or routed out of the way.

If the 20 amp twist lock is water resistant, it will keep the elements from entering the receptacle and prevent water from entering, causing electrical surges. If there is a chance your equipment could become unplugged, a twist lock is a right choice. There are several different sizes of twist locks, but for most small applications, a 20 amp twist lock is an excellent choice.

What Are Some Safety Rules When Working With Electrical Equipment and Tools?

Always disconnect your tools from the power source if you are going to repair or service them.

Assume all electrical tools are powered.

Avoid contact with live circuits.

Do not wear loose clothing or ties when working with equipment, and if you have long hair, tie it back.

Do not wear jewelry, metal watchbands, use metallic rulers or pencils when working with electrical equipment.

Drain capacitors before working near them.

If you have water or chemical spill onto your equipment, shut the power off at the circuit breaker before unplugging the equipment.

If your equipment produces a tingle when you touch it, immediately unplug it and have it repaired.

Never store flammable liquids near electrical equipment, or work with flammable solvents in the same vicinity.

Wear safety clothing and shoes.

When it is possible, always work with one hand and keep the other at your side away from a conductive material.

By following some basic safety rules, you can prevent many accidents from happening. Safety always comes first.

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20 Amp Twist Lock
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20 Amp Twist Lock 20 Amp Twist Lock 20 Amp Twist Lock