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Our 20th President, James Abram Garfield died on September 19th, 1881 after an 11-week battle fighting the aftermath of an assassination attempt on July 2nd. By some accounts, it was a very hot summer and to make things a bit cooler for Garfield a contraption was rigged to blow air through cloth sheets that had been dipped in ice water. Unfortunately for Garfield, it was not until 1902 when Willis Carrier invented the first “modern” A/C system using water-cooled metal coils instead of cloth sheets. Carrier went on to install an A/C system in the White House in 1929 during the Herbert Hoover administration.

The Growth of HVAC

Later that year the stock market crash brought on the Great Depression of the 1930s and air conditioning in theaters was about the only good news of the day. World War II is credited with ending the depression and by the 1950's window A/C units were a common sight. Seeing an opportunity Arthur Spellerberg founded Art’s Furnace Company that went on to become AFC Heating & Cooling, one of the largest contractors of HVAC in Independence, MO serving the greater Kansas City area.

Now in their 64th year, AFC Heating & Cooling have witnessed the growth of central HVAC systems that are in most houses today. They install brand name units like Carrier (founded by Willis Carrier in 1915), Trane and Lennox and offer a variety of products and services to improve your interior air quality (IAQ) like the PureAir Air Purification System and the Trane ComfortLink II Smart Control.

The role of humidity in HVAC is often misunderstood because of the odd characteristics of a liquid we call water. Unlike any other substance, water expands when frozen, becoming less dense and that is why ice floats in liquid water and destroys water pipes. As the temperature goes up the capacity of dry air to retain water vapor rises and when the temperature drops the water vapor will condense back into liquid water. Water vapor is a heavy material making humid air harder to move than less humid air.

Our Own Sympathetic Nervous System

Our body’s own temperature regulator is at play here as well.  Human metabolism creates heat and to remain at about 98.6°F the evaporation of sweat is crucial. If the humidity is too high, less sweat can be evaporated and we will feel too hot. Very dry air might make our skin feel itchy and scaly as the atmosphere seeks to draw in water from our skin. Humans are most comfortable between about 40% to 50% relative humidity and that is why the most important function of a modern HVAC system is to control the humidity first and the actual temperature second.

The professionals at AFC Heating & Cooling are experts on the systems of HVAC in Independence, MO that are designed to maintain the right humidity and temperature in any building. They are frequent winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award and offer financing options through Wells Fargo or Springleaf for those looking to replace their entire systems. Be sure to check out their Summer Specials and Energy Rebate programs, and you will want to learn more about their energy-saving maintenance programs that will guarantee your comfort year-round. Call 816-347-8388 or send an email to for more information.

Hvac Independence MO
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Hvac Independence MO Hvac Independence MO Hvac Independence MO