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Solar Repairs in Arcadia, CA

Solar Unlimited services and repairs all makes and models of solar systems, both commercial and residential.

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Solar Pool in Arcadia, CA

Solar Unlimited has been the exclusive dealer in Southern California for FAFCO Solar Pool Heating Systems for more than 30 years.

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Solar Electric in Arcadia, CA

Solar Unlimited offers photovoltaic (PV) solar modules systems for electricity production.

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Founded in 1980

We are one of the oldest, over 38 years, and most experienced solar companies in Arcadia & Los Angeles County.

Veteran Owned

We are a Veteran Own Businesses. Still proud to be serving you in business.

Helping Save Money

Helping save you money with solar and we’ll show you how.
Solar Unlimited

Customer Service

Our customers are like our family. That the way we like to work.


Maintaining your solar systems long after we install them.




The Department of Energy conducted studies that found clear evidence that homes with purchased solar systems sold at a premium.
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With a solar energy system you will produce most of or all of your own power and be doing your part to help the environment.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun with Solar Unlimited

Switching to solar energy is not just an environmental choice but also a smart financial decision. With the increasing concern over climate change and the rising costs of traditional energy sources, many homeowners and businesses are turning to solar power as a sustainable alternative. 


Solar Unlimited, a leading solar company in Arcadia, is at the forefront of this green revolution, offering top-notch solar installation services that promise not only to reduce your carbon footprint but also to lower your energy bills significantly.

Why Choose Solar Unlimited in Arcadia?

Choosing Solar Unlimited for your solar panel installation in Arcadia means entrusting your project to experts with years of experience in harnessing the power of the sun. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every installation is done with precision, maximizing the efficiency of your solar panels. 


Solar Unlimited understands the unique needs of Arcadia residents, providing tailored solutions that fit each client’s specific energy requirements and architectural aesthetics.

The Financial and Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels

The benefits of opting for solar panels in Arcadia are manifold. First and foremost, solar energy is renewable, abundant, and completely free once you have the infrastructure in place. This means that over time, the investment in solar panel installation pays for itself through substantial savings on utility bills. 


In a sunny locale like Arcadia, harnessing solar power is particularly effective, offering consistent energy generation that can even exceed your daily consumption, potentially allowing you to sell excess energy back to the grid.

Supporting the Local Community and Economy

Furthermore, choosing Solar Unlimited as your solar installation provider in Arcadia contributes to local job creation, bolstering the economy and supporting the community. By choosing local, you ensure that the benefits of your investment stay within the community, enhancing local development and sustainability efforts.


State-of-the-Art Technology for Maximum Efficiency

Solar Unlimited also takes pride in using the latest technology in all our solar installations in Arcadia. Our high-quality solar panels are designed to be durable, requiring minimal maintenance while providing maximum performance. 


This technology not only ensures that your home or business remains powered during sunny days but also during cloudy weather, thanks to efficient energy storage solutions that keep the lights on even when the sun isn’t shining.

Boosting Property Value with Solar Energy

Moreover, the switch to solar power significantly increases property value as potential buyers are increasingly looking for homes and commercial properties that are environmentally friendly and have lower operational costs. Having a solar panel system installed by Solar Unlimited makes your property more attractive in the highly competitive Arcadia real estate market.

A Partner in Sustainable Living

Solar Unlimited is not just about installing solar panels; we’re about creating a sustainable future for Arcadia and beyond. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service from the initial consultation through to the installation and beyond, ensuring that each customer’s transition to solar energy is smooth and hassle-free.


We recently hired Solar Unlimited to install a PV system at our home. When Bob Irwin came to our home, he explained the purchase options in detail, provided us a drawing of what the system would look like on our roof and detailed the “payback” period of our investment based on our energy usage. He also spelled out the time line and steps involved in the project. Solar Unlimited performed just as they said they would and now we are enjoying monthly energy savings like never before! From beginning to end, the Solar Unlimited staff treated us like family. The PV system was priced fairly and within our budget. We heartily recommend Solar Unlimited to anyone with similar needs.

– Loren & Marsha Ford