Solar Panels Studio City


Solar Panels Studio City

Living in California has many perks, and one of them is the abundant sunshine that makes solar electricity in Studio City possible. Other states have expansive farmland and lots of wind, making them suitable for wind power. The Golden State gets lots of sunshine, making it a great option for solar power. Solar Unlimited serves Studio City CA, and we have several solar products, including solar electric systems, solar pool heating systems and solar water heating systems.

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Is it Worth it to Go Solar in Studio City?

Located in Southern California, Studio City sees plenty of sunshine. If your property has solar panels installed on the rooftop, the panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into usable electricity, also called alternating current (AC) energy. Most homes and businesses have no problem producing enough electricity and often end up with excess energy that is transferred to the grid.


There are a handful of benefits that are built into a solar panel system in Studio City:


  • Save money on your utility bills. In order to supply your home or business with electricity, you need to buy it from the utility companies. Studio City has high electricity rates, with residents paying an average of 19.82 cents per kWh. If you get your energy from the sun, you gain independence from the utility companies. Over a 20 year period, Studio City residents save an average of $64,510.
  • Earn tax credits and rebates. There are plenty of rebates and incentives for both residential and commercial solar in Studio City. Residents in Studio City often say that their solar panels are paying them! California also has some of the best solar rebates and incentives.
  • Protect the environment. The sun’s energy is plentiful, readily available and emission-free. Standard electricity is generated from fossil fuels like coal or gas. These resources are not infinite and burning them produces greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming.


Bottom line: Yes! It is worth it to go with solar panels in Studio City!


Making Studio City Solar Panels Affordable

Solar Unlimited has installed over 12,000 solar systems, so we know how to make these systems attainable and affordable for our clients. When you schedule a solar estimate with us, we can discuss your options for payment.

We have several payment options, including low interest financing plans and fixed rate loans. Our team will be happy to find an arrangement that meets your needs and budget. Don’t forget – you will be eligible for tax credits and rebates just by owning the panels!


Other options that are worth checking into are:


  • Net metering. One of the biggest reasons to go solar in Studio City is the net metering program. Any solar resident that produces more energy than they use will receive credits from their solar company at retail rate. Again – solar panels that pay for themselves!
  • Local rebates. Los Angeles County not only has one of the best net metering programs but also local rebates and incentives that you may be able to benefit from. One example is Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) that allows homeowners to finance their PV installation.
  • Solar tax credit. The federal tax credit has been expanded to 2021 and gives a 30% discount on a solar system in Studio City – and that is on top of all other rebates and incentives. This is a federal tax credit that everyone qualifies for.


Save Money. Save the Environment. Studio City Solar Electricity is the Solution.

Many home and business owners feel stuck paying high utility bills, but they don’t have to. Reliable electricity does not have to come from the utility companies. It can come from our planet’s greatest resource – the sun. You can power your home or business with enough energy to get through your days while having energy left over.

Solar Unlimited has been working in this industry for nearly four decades, and even though the approach to solar energy hasn’t changed, the technology has. We are able to care for each solar panel in Studio City so that it continues to absorb and generate electricity for our clients. They value our durable solar products, energy independence and easy financing options.

By choosing us for your Studio City solar system, you can expect a hands-on team that delivers durable, attractive solar panels that will generate solar power for 25-30 years or more. With no down payment required, there’s no reason to wait. Making this decision will save you money over time and also leave future generations with a healthier planet. To schedule your free solar estimate with Solar Unlimited, contact us today. We look forward to helping you save money on your electric bills


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