Solar Panels Malibu


Solar Panels Malibu

If you are considering switching to Malibu solar electricity, now has never been a better time. The federal solar tax credit has been extended, California has one of the best net metering programs and the cost of solar continues to decrease (while conventional energy increases). Solar Unlimited offers free estimates and attractive financing options with no money down, helping more people take advantage of this clean, renewable energy.


Is a Solar System in Malibu Really Worth It?

It’s clear that solar energy is becoming a key part of California’s energy plan. In fact, some state regulators have suggested that rooftop solar become mandatory by 2020. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but it goes to show that solar power is becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury. After all, it was recently released that Los Angeles is the nation’s smoggiest metro area and has high levels of both particle pollution and ozone pollution.


A solar installation in Malibu is definitely worth the investment. Here’s why.


  • Optimal conditions. Each solar panel in Malibu absorbs the sun’s rays and converts this energy into usable energy. This is why locations with sunny weather are ideal for solar power. California is the second sunniest sunny state in the U.S., next to Arizona. You can generate plenty of energy simply by living in sunny Malibu!
  • Conventional electricity is high. Malibu residents pay high prices for electricity. In fact, California has some of the highest electric rates in the U.S., with residents paying roughly 20 cents per kWh. Solar power, on the other hand, continues to decrease thanks to new technology that makes this power more accessible.
  • Quick payback periods. In some states, the payback period is a lot longer. In Malibu, the average payback period is exceptionally low, less than 6 years. Residents save an average of $80,000 over 20 years.
  • Great rebates and incentives. California has one of the best net metering programs around. If your system produces excess energy, you can transfer it to the grid where it can be used at any time. Net metering is especially important for commercial solar in Malibu because your building can produce energy that won’t be sold to the utility companies.


Why Choose Solar Unlimited for Your Solar Panel System in Malibu

Solar Unlimited has installed over 12,000 solar systems in less than 40 years. We maintain our strong track record thanks to our qualified installers, high quality solar products and attractive financing options. If you’re tired of paying almost 20 per kWh and being indebted to the electric companies, it’s time to see what a solar system can do for you.


As a Malibu resident, here are some things you can expect by choosing Solar Unlimited for your solar panels in Malibu.


  • Reduced electric bills. Because Malibu residents have no problem generating electricity, most are able to live freely from their utility company. Imagine not receiving an electric bill at all! The money you save each month can be used to put toward your solar loan, and once this is paid off (for Malibu residents it’s about 6 years), you will be generating most, if not all, of your electricity at no cost!
  • There are solar companies popping up all over because they want some of the action, but Solar Unlimited has been around for nearly 40 years. Only 50% of businesses make it past five years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We have always seen the value in Malibu solar panels, and our experience is second to none. We will help you find a solution that works for your needs and budget.
  • Easy financing options. Another area we excel at is financing. We understand that not all home or business owners are in a position to buy their solar system outright. At the same time, owning your system is best because you can take advantage of the rebates and incentives. We make owning a system affordable with our flexible financing options and no money down.
  • High quality solar products. Our solar products are strong and durable. They are made from premium materials and have warranties of 25-30 years. This may be longer than the time you live in your home! Plus, the maintenance required to keep your system in good working condition is minimal.


Start Saving with Solar Electricity in Malibu

Malibu is a short distance from Los Angeles, so the area is much cleaner than if you were to move further in East. That said, Los Angeles is one of the most polluted cities in the U.S., so there’s no question that we owe it to ourselves to do our part to protect the environment. It all starts with a simple call to Solar Unlimited. We offer free estimates to all clients. At this time, we’ll be happy to go over your options and make a Malibu solar system a reality for you!


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