Solar Panels Beverly Hills


Solar panels on a nice two story houseTired of paying the electric companies? With solar electricity in Beverly Hills, you can take back your financial freedom and start generating your own clean energy. This is good for our homes and businesses, as well as our planet at large. To schedule a free, in-home estimate with Solar Unlimited, contact us today. With over 40 years of experience, highly trained techs and premium materials, we have a solar solution for you!


Beverly Hills: A Prime Location for Solar

Beverly Hills is a great place to live and an even better place to retire in Southern California. If you’re considering solar electricity in Beverly Hills, you’ve come to the right place! Solar Unlimited has installed more than 12,000 solar systems since our inception in 1980. With the ever-increasing electricity costs in Beverly Hills and high-quality homes, more residents are switching over to solar electricity.

Not only does Beverly Hills solar electricity save money each month, but also it reduces air pollution and harmful emissions. Residents feel that it is their responsibility to become more independent from fossil fuels, as we are just 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Sadly, air quality in Los Angeles is poor due to dirty air from diesel engines, motor vehicles, ports and fossil fuels.


Why More Residents are Switching to Beverly Hills Solar Panels

Residents in Beverly Hills pay nearly 20¢ per kWh for electricity, while residents in other states pay just 13.4¢ per kWh. This means that you’re paying 44% more than other Americans. If you’re tired of paying these steep costs just to run your household, you are not alone.

There are a few reasons why more residents are switching to solar panels in Beverly Hills. First, the California solar mandate is a first-of-its-kind code that requires new homes to be built with a solar electricity system. With more properties utilizing solar power, this will eventually become an important feature for home buyers. Properties without a solar system will eventually be less desirable, and buyers will end up paying less for them, too.

In order to keep up with the new mandate, solar installation in Beverly Hills is more attractive than ever before. After all, residents want to be able to sell their beautiful and higher priced homes for top dollar when it comes time to do so. They may as well start reaping the benefits of clean, affordable energy for themselves.

Secondly, there is no question that Southern California is conducive to solar power. Residents can save money on their electric bills, qualify for tax incentives and rebates, raise the value of their homes and do their part in reducing air pollution and global warming.

Lastly, solar systems in Beverly Hills are affordable. Initial investments are between $18,000 and $22,000, with average payback periods of just 6 years and average savings of over $20,000+ in 20 years.


Benefits of Solar Installation in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills isn’t just a popular place to live in California – it is a city that is known around the globe for its world-class shopping, various tourist attractions, celebrity sightings and warm, sunny weather. All of these factors make Beverly Hills the perfect place to keep solar trending. Below are some key benefits to consider for your own Beverly Hills solar system.


  • Energy prices are rising; solar costs are decreasing. Do you remember the last time your electric bill went down? No, because it doesn’t happen. Electricity continues to increase, but solar energy is becoming more affordable. This is the case because solar power is a technology, not a fuel. As technology improves, it becomes cheaper and more accessible.
  • Increase in home value. Homes in Beverly Hills are already priced extravagantly, but residents expect to see an investment over time. Adding solar panels to the home is an excellent way to do this, as this is becoming the gold standard in California. Some estimates show that homes with solar panels sell 17% faster and for 20% more than homes without them.
  • Ideal climate for solar electricity. There is no question that Southern California has a favorable climate for solar power. The sun is out roughly 280 days a year in Beverly Hills, allowing residents to generate most of the energy needed to power their homes. This is important, as wealthier suburbs like Beverly Hills use more energy than others.


Solar Unlimited Installs Beverly Hills Solar Panels

If you are ready to install solar panels on your Beverly Hills property, we’re confident that we can meet your needs and budget. Solar Unlimited has installed tens of thousands of solar systems that utilize the latest technology and highest quality parts, components and materials. Our solar system solutions have an average lifespan of 25-30 years, outlasting many of our customers’ time in their homes.


Additional benefits to choosing us for your solar system in Beverly Hills are:


  • Excellent financing options. This includes low interest rates and fixed rate loans available. Let us find a solution that fits your budget.
  • Free home estimates. Call us any time to schedule an estimate. They’re friendly, free and no obligation.
  • Highly trained and qualified technicians. We attribute our success and positive track record to our talented and detail-oriented techs.
  • Gain independence from the electric companies. As fossil fuels become more scarce, the prices will continue to rise. Be independent and generate your own energy.


If you’re ready to have a solar panel system in Beverly Hills installed on your property, contact Solar Unlimited today. We look forward to serving your needs with clean, affordable energy solutions.