What Our Customers are Saying!

The professionals at Solar Unlimited were fantastic! I had held off on going the Solar route as there seemed to be a lot of “smoke and mirrors” involved with everyone offering a different program, confusing terms, etc. I finally shopped seven solar companies and it was the Solar Unlimited folks who answered all of my questions. I felt very comfortable with them being headquartered in SoCal and the fact that they were very patient with me until I was ready to move forward. They had the best, most cost effective option for me and were fantastic to deal with. From Bob the sales professional to Daniel the installation foreman, (and his entire crew), they always were honest with me and did everything in their power to make me happy with their services. I would highly recommend Solar Unlimited for your solar company.

– Brad Horton


We recently hired Solar Unlimited to install a PV system at our home. When Bob Irwin came to our home, he explained the purchase options in detail, provided us a drawing of what the system would look like on our roof and detailed the “payback” period of our investment based on our energy usage. He also spelled out the time line and steps involved in the project. Solar Unlimited performed just as they said they would and now we are enjoying monthly energy savings like never before! From beginning to end, the Solar Unlimited staff treated us like family. The PV system was priced fairly and within our budget. We heartily recommend Solar Unlimited to anyone with similar needs.

– Loren & Marsha Ford


In March, 2014, after much discussion, my wife and I decided to once again revisit the installation of solar panels to heat our swimming pool. Our primary reason for this was to provide an extended swimming season for our adult disabled daughter who loves to swim but likes the temperature in the mid-80s. To do this with conventional heat was vastly too expensive and, in fact, we once had the gas company call with a concern that we may have had a gas leak. Subsequent to our decision to investigate solar, we contacted Solar Unlimited who visited our home, took measurements, and provide a very cost competitive proposal. In addition, they offered a finance program that included a 12 month interest free loan based on successfully qualifying for the financing. Upon award of the contract to Solar Unlimited, they were very responsive to set a date, generate the necessary drawings, obtain the permit, and install the system. The installers were very professional and the system passed inspection without a hitch. They provide training on how to operate the system. We are pleased to say that the system has worked flawlessly since its installation in April 2014 and our pool has maintained a temperature of 85+ degrees without the use of any covers. Accordingly, our daughter has enjoyed swimming this year more than she has in previous years and we are looking forward to her swimming well into the Fall. Regards,

– Bob Schirripa & Family


We bought our new home in 2011 and it was our first with a swimming pool. The first year we tried heating our pool with gas until we got our first bill and realized how expensive it was. Without a heat source our pool never got over 82 degrees and that was only for a one week period in late August. Because of the temperature we almost never swam and when we did it wasn’t for very long. The following year we decided to look into Solar pool heating and got several estimates. Solar Unlimited provided us with a reasonable bid, their sales representative was very knowledgeable and polite and we appreciated their patience with us in contrast to some of their competitors who hounded us with their high pressure tactics. Our system was installed over a two day period and their installers were clean and efficient. We found out later that Solar Unlimited has been in business for over 30 years and i can see why. We are now able to enjoy our pool from April to mid October and the water temperature stays between 82 to 88 degrees the entire time without ever using our gas heater. It has literally changed the way we use our backyard. We are now able to swim when we want for as long as we want…..even at night !. It has been the best investment we have made since buying the house and has provided our family and friends countless hours of enjoyment. I would highly recommend that you call Solar Unlimited for a solar heating system to heat your pool. Sincerely,

– Mary Green

Solar unlimited installed solar pool heating system, chlorination system, and electrical solar system for my house. The power, and pool was completed in April 2017, and the chlorination system end of May. By first week of June the water temperature at my house was above 81 F. The power system has been producing power as promised. Daniel has been very easy to talk with and delivered what he promised me. I have been involved in construction business and development for over 30 years, and can comfortably say you will not be disappointed with the service. I am very picky, and demanding when it comes to contractors performance.

Like any other business they could improve and become even more efficient, however the overall experience was very positive. My project was more involved than others, Solar unlimited had to remove my old pool system, remove and store the existing domestic water solar system, and than I had removal of the asbestos roofing system. After the roof was removed Solar unlimited installed the stands for the new system ,roofers installed the new roof , and Solar Unlimited installed the panels for electrical, pool, and domestic water system. With the heavy rain season we just experienced it was absolutely critical that schedule was not missed by anyone. Everyone performed as required, and the entire project was a success. I need to stress Daniel is very knowledgeable about most aspects of construction
and an expert in solar systems. I hope my feed back is helpful for anyone contemplating a new project.

– Fred D