Solar Panels Camarillo


Solar Panels Camarillo

Ventura County is making it easier and more affordable for residents to take advantage of solar power. If you are considering switching from conventional electricity to Camarillo solar electricity, now is a great time to make the move. Solar Unlimited helps home and business owners create clean energy and increase their independence from the electric companies. With free estimates, easy payment options and flexible financing, owning a solar system is closer than you think.


Solar Electricity in Camarillo is a Game Changer

Are you tired of paying the electric companies every month? You are not alone. California residents pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country, nearly 20 cents per kWh. Electricity is increasingly important because everyone wants to be connected to the internet these days. Plus, most appliances and electronics run on electricity. Imagine what you could be paying in another handful of years!

A solar panel system in Camarillo is a true game changer for home and business owners. In a simple purchase, you can generate your own electricity, protect the environment and reduce or eliminate your electric bills. California is one of the best states for solar power because of the sunny skies. Living in Camarillo, you get this advantage right off the bat and will see a return from your solar system much sooner than other parts of the country.


Here are some of the ways that solar panels in Camarillo can change your life for the better.


  • Increase energy independence. People often feel stuck paying the electric companies because they don’t know how else to get their electric. With a solar panel system, you can produce your own energy. Thanks to the abundant sunshine, most Camarillo residents are able to generate more than enough energy. Excess energy is transferred to the grid. 
  • Save money. The cost of solar power is rapidly declining. Since 2009, solar power has decreased by 86%, according to a Lazard report. It’s even less than coal, and coal comes at a steep price. Not only is it more expensive, but also it is a fossil fuel that pollutes our air. A solar system can reduce your monthly electric bills or eliminate them altogether.
  • Improve the environment. There’s no question that our environment is being impacted by greenhouse gases. Conventional electric runs on fossil fuels, which pollute our air and affect global warming. Camarillo solar panels do not produce emissions. Los Angeles is one of the most polluted cities in America, so it’s more important than ever to do our parts in protecting the environment.
  • Earn rebates. When was the last time that you got a break from your electric company? This is not how it works with solar. There are state and federal incentives to encourage home and commercial business owners to install solar systems. California has some of the best incentives in the country, most notably, our net metering program.


Why Choose Solar Unlimited for Your Camarillo Solar System

Now that the solar industry is booming, new companies are popping up and wanting to get in on the action. Not Solar Unlimited. We have been in business for nearly 40 years, and we have always seen the value in going solar. In fact, our products extend beyond residential and commercial solar in Camarillo and include solar pool heating systems and solar water heating systems.

Our experience far exceeds what many other companies have, and for this, we are able to deliver a higher quality of service that includes durable, long lasting solar panels, impeccable installation practices and flexible financing options. We love giving our clients the right tools to produce their own energy and take control of their utility bills.


Benefits of choosing us for your solar installation in Camarillo are:


  • We make solar affordable. Solar power is surprisingly affordable thanks to new technology that makes producing this power faster and easier. To take advantage of this energy, you need a solar panel system, and that’s where Solar Unlimited comes into the picture. We have attractive financing offers with no money down, and we can point you in the right direction when it comes to rebates and incentives, including the 30% federal tax credit.
  • Our solar products are of the highest quality. Not all solar products are created equal. After being in this industry for nearly four decades, we know the importance of each solar panel in Camarillo being durable and efficient. Our clients see more from their investment and enjoy 25-30 year warranties.
  • Quick payback period. In other states where the sun doesn’t shine every day, the payback period takes a lot longer. In sunny Camarillo, the payback period is around 7 years. This means that in 7 short years, your investment will be paid for and you can produce your own electricity at no cost!


If you have been thinking about switching from conventional electricity to a solar system in Camarillo, you won’t be disappointed in this choice. Electric costs continue to rise, and some people are afraid they won’t be able to afford their bills anymore. Give yourself the peace of mind that you can be in control of your energy production and usage while also protecting the environment. For your free estimate, contact Solar Unlimited today.


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