Solar Panels Simi Valley


Solar Panels Simi Valley

Are you thinking about investing in a solar panel system in Simi Valley? It’s a great time to make the switch, as the costs of owning a solar system are decreasing while electric costs are going up. California is one of the most expensive states to live in when it comes to electric, with residents paying nearly 20 cents per kWh. If you are tired of being indebted to the utility companies, now is the time to see what solar power can do for you.


Benefits of Solar Electricity in Simi Valley 

There is no question that California is one of the top states for solar. It has the most sunny days aside from Arizona, and this sunshine offers plenty of energy for the state to use. The solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and then converts it into usable electricity. Unlike traditional electricity that runs on fossil fuels, solar power is clean and renewable.

The benefits to going solar in Simi Valley are plentiful. Solar Unlimited can help you make the switch so that you can be independent of the electric companies and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are the top benefits to choosing a solar system in Simi Valley:


  • Save money on your electric bills. On average, Simi Valley residents pay almost 20 cents per kWh. With a solar system, you generate your own electricity, significantly reducing your monthly electric bills. Most people have a payback period of under 7 years.
  • Reduce your household footprint. California has enough issues with pollution, and Simi Valley is no exception. Being located outside of Los Angeles, many residents are no stranger to smog and soot. Simi Valley solar electricity relies on the sun, not fossil fuels, and doesn’t produce any emissions.
  • Generate your own electricity. It’s a great feeling to be less reliant on the electric companies because they continue to raise their rates. Take your energy needs into your own hands with a solar system. If your system produces excess energy, you can get credits for it at the retail rate.


Is it Worth it to Choose Solar Panels in Simi Valley

More home and business owners are considering solar energy because the prices have dropped, the technology has improved and California electricity rates continue to increase. The good news is that now has never been a better time to invest in a solar system. Simi Valley has one of the strongest net metering programs as well as other attractive rebates and incentives at the state and federal level.

Solar Unlimited helps our clients find solar tax credits and rebates to make their investment more affordable. We also have flexible financing options. With our programs, you can opt for solar installation in Simi Valley without having to put anything down.


Here are some reasons why going solar in Simi Valley is a smart thing to do.


  • Net metering program. Simi Valley residents are serviced by Southern California Edison (SCE), so they are eligible for 1-on-1 net metering. Net metering is one of the best reasons to go solar in the Golden State.
  • Local solar rebates. It’s helpful to check with Ventura County to determine if any other local rebates or incentives are available to you. Ventura County is making it easier and more affordable to transition to solar power.
  • Federal tax credit. When considering the price of Simi Valley solar panels, remember that these are generally before the 30% tax credit. This tax credit has been extended to 2021 and gives solar customers a 30% discount on top of all other rebates and incentives.
  • Higher-than-average electric rates. Electric costs continue to rise in California, making us one of the highest paying states for electricity. The cost of solar energy continues to decrease. Lifetime savings over 25 years for a solar system in Simi Valley is around $89,000!


Why Choose Solar Unlimited for a Simi Valley Solar System

You’re in good hands when you choose Solar Unlimited as your solar provider. We have been in business for nearly four decades, and in this time, we’ve installed over 12,000 solar systems. We even extend into other solar products, including solar pool heating systems and solar water heating systems. We firmly believe in the power of residential and commercial solar in Simi Valley.

At Solar Unlimited, we are honored to work with all clients – big and small. We know how much of a difference each solar panel in Simi Valley can make for homes, businesses and communities at large, and we want to make it attainable for everyone. This is why we’ve worked hard to offer flexible financing options with no down payment required. We want everyone to be able to generate their own electricity!


For high quality solar products, contact Solar Unlimited today. We can make going solar in Simi Valley easy!


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