Solar Panels West Hills


Solar Panels West HillsAre you tired of paying hundreds of dollars to the electric companies every month? It may be time to make the switch to solar electricity in West Hills. When you get your energy from the sun, you’re not getting it from your electric supplier, significantly reducing your energy bills each month. At the same time, you can protect the environment and decrease your reliance on fossil fuels, which will one day run out.


Why a West Hills Solar System Makes Sense

California is the second sunniest state in the United States, after Arizona. Where other states have large, open farmland that is good for wind power, California has bright and sunny weather that is good for solar power. Plus, solar prices in West Hills are right in line with the nation’s average, but our electric costs are higher. California is one of the most expensive states to live in when it comes to electricity, with residents paying an average of 19.82 cents per kWh.


If you are considering investing in West Hills solar panels, here are some benefits to consider:


  • Favorable weather conditions. The majority of the year, West Hills sees sunny skies. Solar panels are able to absorb this sunlight and convert it into usable electricity for homes and businesses. Many property owners produce more energy than they consume.
  • Net metering program. If you switch to West Hills solar electricity, be aware that net metering is available. Net metering is one of the biggest reasons to go solar in the Golden State, as you’ll receive credits for excess energy produced. These credits are based on your utility’s retail rate.
  • Affordable solar prices. West Hills residents can expect a market average price on their solar panel systems, but the payback period is short, usually around seven years or less. You’ll end up saving thousands of dollars over the life of your system, and you can get started with no money down.


Today’s homes and businesses require a lot of energy to run, especially with everyone wanting to be connected to technology at all times. You can’t get away from electricity, but you can decrease your reliance on fossil fuels and the utility companies. The solution is clear: a solar panel system in West Hills.


Getting Started with a Solar System in West Hills

The process to get started with a solar panel installation is easy when you choose Solar Unlimited. We specialize in solar solutions, including solar power heating systems and solar water heating systems. Over the last four decades, we have installed over 12,000 solar systems. We know how to keep our clients happy!

The first step in getting a solar system installed is to schedule a free estimate and meet our team. The installation of a solar panel system is actually quite easy and moves along quickly. Safety is our number one concern because our installation teams work with equipment that produces a lot of electricity. Once the panels are mounted onto the roof, the proper wires are installed and fed into the PV components.


The benefits to choosing Solar Unlimited for your solar panels in West Hills are:


  • Extreme durability. Not all solar products are created equal. Our solar provider only uses durable solar products that include warranties for 25-30 years. This is probably longer than the amount of time you’ll live in the home!
  • Easy maintenance. Our solar products have no moving parts, so there is very little maintenance required to keep each solar panel in West Hills in good condition. An occasional cleaning is all that is needed to keep your panels free of debris, and many continue producing power over the 25+ year mark.
  • Save money. We are honest and upfront about the savings you can expect. West Hills residents are usually able to pay back their investment in less than seven years and save an average of $55,559 in 20 years.
  • Help the environment. The sun shines bright over West Hills CA, so you’re not hurting the environment to use this energy. In exchange, you’re not relying on fossil fuels, which gives you independence from the utility companies.


Let’s Keep West Hills Beautiful. Schedule Your Free Estimate Today.

West Hills is often considered a hidden gem in the Western Valley. It’s one of the few places that has plenty of green space, and it’s no surprise why residents want to keep things this way. Switching to clean energy is a step in the right direction, and it’s more affordable than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial solar in West Hills, Solar Unlimited can help you take control of your energy needs. Contact us today to schedule your free solar estimate.


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