Solar Panels Encino


Solar Panels Encino

If you are thinking about switching to solar electricity in Encino, now is a great time to move forward with your decision. The federal tax credit has been extended, giving you a 30% discount off the total price of the system, after rebates and incentives. California also has some of the best incentives in the country, including a solid net metering program and rebates that vary from county to county. To find out what a solar system will cost your home or commercial business, contact Solar Unlimited today for a free estimate. We love helping people save money on their electric bills!


Is Encino Solar Electricity Worth It?

The simple answer is yes! Solar electricity is definitely worth it for Encino residents, whether you own a small home, a big home, a startup business or a large corporation. California residents pay some of the highest electric rates in the country, roughly 20 cents per kWh. The cost of electricity continues to increase, so you won’t be paying just 20 cents in a few years. It will be more and more. Just imagine what you could be paying in another 10 years!

Solar power, on the other hand, continues to decrease in price. It’s cheaper than coal and has seen an 86% decrease from 2009, according to a report from Lazard. To get started generating your own electricity using the sun, all you need is a solar panel system in Encino. Once your system is installed, you can start producing your own energy. Thanks to net metering, whatever you don’t use is sent back to the grid where you can use it at a later date.

Because Encino is sunny, the power generated by solar panels is high. California is the second sunniest state, and sun is what solar panels need to produce energy. Most Encino residents are able to eliminate their electric bills completely! It’s an amazing feeling to be energy independent, and Solar Unlimited is the company to make it possible.


Here is a more detailed look at why residential and commercial solar in Encino is worth every penny.


  • Reduce emissions. Conventional energy relies on fossil fuels like coal and gas. Fossil fuels put emissions into the air, including carbon dioxide, and contribute to global warming. Encino solar panels do not produce emissions and instead produce clean, renewable energy.
  • Lower your footprint. Los Angeles is a beautiful city, but it’s also one of the smoggiest! Unfortunately, the surrounding cities suffer from it as well. If more people do their part to reduce their carbon footprint, we can prevent the smog from getting worse.
  • Save money. Probably the biggest benefit of having solar panels in Encino is being able to reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Encino residents pay extraordinarily high electric rates (almost 20 cents per kWh!). This number will only go up. Producing your own energy allows you to be independent from the electric companies.
  • Great rebates and incentives. Encino residents have a number of rebates and incentives available to them. Two examples are the federal tax credit that gives 30% off the cost of your solar system and the LADWP rebate program that contributes money to lower installation costs.


Why Choose Solar Unlimited for Your Solar Panel in Encino

Not all solar providers are created equal. Knowing that only 50% of businesses make it past five years, it’s important to choose your solar company wisely. Solar Unlimited has been in business for nearly 40 years, and we’ve installed over 12,000 systems in this timeframe.

Our company is committed to all things solar, which is why we also offer solar pool heating systems and solar water heating systems. We see the value in using one of our planet’s greatest resources – and we always have! We are not looking to make a quick buck but instead help our clients generate their own clean energy.


By choosing us for solar installation in Encino, you can expect the following:


  • Years of experience. There is no substitute for experience. Having installed thousands of systems, we have a successful portfolio with many happy clients and products that last. We also know how to work quickly and efficiently so clients can take advantage of solar as soon as possible.
  • High quality solar products. Our products carry warranties of 25-30 years. This may be longer than the time you live in your home! We focus on panels made from premium materials that have high efficiency and durability rates.
  • Flexible financing options. Owning your solar system in Encino is ideal because you can take advantage of the available rebates and incentives. Otherwise, these would go to your leasing company. We have many Encino residents tell us that their solar systems pay them!


If you would like to free yourself from the electric companies and produce your own energy, an Encino solar system is within reach. Solar Unlimited has attractive financing options with no money down, allowing you to get started with solar power right away. Contact us today for your free estimate and see what a new PV system can do for you!


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