Solar Panels Thousand Oaks


Solar Panels Thousand Oaks

Are you thinking about transitioning to solar electricity in Thousand Oaks? This is a great decision that will save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Thanks to improved technology, solar energy is more accessible than ever before. When you choose Solar Unlimited as your solar provider, it won’t be long before you are enjoying clean, efficient energy produced by the sun.


Benefits of Switching to a Solar Panel System in Thousand Oaks

Solar Unlimited offers affordable solar electricity for residential and commercial customers. By harnessing the power of the sun, our clients are able to create their own energy and reduce their reliance on the electric companies. This is a wonderful, freeing feeling!

Lucky for us, California is consistently rated as one of the best states for solar power, so you already have an edge if you live in Thousand Oaks. As of 2018, our state accounts for 40-45% of all solar power generated in the United States. In fact, you may have heard that by 2020, state regulators are mandating that everyone in Thousand Oaks have rooftop solar. Obviously, there are problems with this law, but it’s safe to say that solar power is becoming a key part of California’s electricity plan.


Some of the reasons why solar electricity in Thousand Oaks makes sense are:


  • Second sunniest U.S. state. Next to Arizona, California is the sunniest state in the U.S. Abundant sunshine is a necessity for solar energy because the panels convert sunlight into usable electricity.
  • Local solar rebates. In Thousand Oaks, home and business owners have access to several different rebate programs to help save money on solar panel installation. For example, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing allows homeowners to finance their PV installation and pay it back in their taxes.
  • Net metering. Net metering is one the best reasons to choose solar panels in Thousand Oaks. With net metering, any property owner with solar will receive credits for the extra electricity produced. The credit is based on the retail rate from your utility company.
  • Other programs. Whether you are looking to install residential or commercial solar in Thousand Oaks, be sure to ask about state-level programs that can help you out. The Disadvantaged Communities – Single-family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH) program gives discounts to eligible families.
  • Solar tax credit. Don’t forget that you also qualify for the solar tax credit that has been extended to 2021 and gives a 30 percent discount on top of all other rebates and incentives.


Making the Move to a Thousand Oaks Solar System

It can be difficult to imagine your property using anything other than electricity generated from fossil fuels, but many home and business owners are warming to the idea of solar installation in Thousand Oaks. By switching to solar energy, you can save money on your electric bills, create your own energy and protect the environment. Imagine the steps you can take to create a better environment for future generations.

By working with Solar Unlimited, you can expect the highest quality of service. We are Southern California’s leader in solar energy systems, and we offer unlimited possibilities. This is why we also offer solar pool heating systems and solar water heating systems in addition to solar panel in Thousand Oaks.

Solar Unlimited offers several payment options, making it easy get started with little to nothing down. Plus, owning your solar panels allows you to earn money through net metering, so it won’t be long before you’re receiving credits for the excess energy. Most Thousand Oaks residents are able to recoup their investment in several years.


Here is what you can expect from our solar installation team:


  • Trained professionals. Our professionals are proud to service the Thousand Oaks community. We keep on top of the latest solar industry trends to offer the best service to our clients.
  • Free solar estimates. The best way to see if Thousand Oaks solar panels work for you is by scheduling a free, no obligation estimate. When you’re ready to make the decision, you’ll have the right information to do so.
  • Attractive financing offers. Many of our clients are able to take advantage of solar without having to put any money down. We have both low interest financing and fixed rate loans available.
  • Quality installation. Your solar panel system is only as efficient as its quality. Solar Unlimited uses premium materials and delivers impeccable installation for the best results.


If you are ready to take advantage of a solar system in Thousand Oaks, contact Solar Unlimited today. We are the state for solar power, and thanks to advances in technology, the costs of solar energy have significantly decreased.


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