Solar Panel Valencia CA


Valencia neighborhood street lined with palm treesValencia, a neighborhood in Santa Clarita within Los Angeles, is a great place to live based on its above-average public schools, outdoor activities and strong household incomes. Most people own their homes in Valencia, giving them the freedom to make decisions like installing a solar panel system. Solar systems not only save residents money but also grant them financial freedom from the utility companies.

Solar Unlimited has been installing solar systems in Valencia for 40+ years. We have always enjoyed helping residential and commercial customers harness energy from the sun to power their homes and businesses. For your free, no obligation estimate, contact us today.


Valencia Residents Pay 44% More for Electric than the National Average

Los Angeles has a high cost of living, and this does not exclude utilities. In Valencia, residents pay roughly 20¢ per kWh, while the national average is just 13.4¢ per kWh. This means that if you live in Valencia, you pay 44% more for your electricity than other Americans. For many years, people have had no choice but to pay these ever-increasing rates. Today, this is no longer the case.

Thanks to advancements in technology, solar electricity in Valencia is more accessible and affordable than ever before. This allows residential homeowners and commercial business owners to take advantage of solar power. Once a system is installed, they can begin generating their own electricity. On average, customers report savings of $100-$150 a month.


How Does a Solar Panel System in Valencia Save Money?

When we talk to customers, most are on board with installing a solar panel system, but they are concerned about the cost. After all, an initial investment must still be made. Fortunately, our solar experts are knowledgeable and can help you choose a solution that meets your needs and budget. We want you sleeping well at night!


Here is how a Valencia solar panel system will save you money:


  • Lifetime savings of $10,000-30,000+. During the lifetime of your solar panels, you can expect to see savings of tens of thousands of dollars. For Valencia residents, most people save around $20,000 or more thanks to our abundant sunshine and solar capacity.
  • Less reliance on the grid. When you shift to solar electricity in Valencia, you don’t have to use electricity from the grid as often. You may not be completely independent, but you can generate most of your energy on your own, reducing your monthly expenses.
  • Favorable tax incentives. Currently, there is a 26% federal tax credit that will reduce your overall installation costs. There are also other rebates and incentives you may qualify for, such as the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) rebates.
  • Excellent net metering programs. Los Angeles also has a strong net metering program that provides credit to customers with solar systems. Essentially, you can receive the full retail value for your extra solar energy.
  • Quick payback periods. Living in sunny Valencia has its advantages, particularly in the case of solar power. With so much sun, you can create your own energy and enjoy quick payback periods of 6-7 years.


Should Valencia Solar Electricity Be Our Responsibility?

Solar doesn’t just save money – it can literally save our planet. By installing a solar system in Valencia, you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to decrease air pollution in Los Angeles. Fossil fuels won’t last forever, but in the meantime, they are emitting a number of pollutants that are harmful to our health. The more we use them, the more we hurt our environment and overall public health.

The sun, on the other hand, is a renewable source of energy that will continue to provide us with clean, reliable power. It’s there for us to use, and now technology is making it easier to harness this energy. In doing so, we reduce emissions and improve human health.


Why Choose Solar Unlimited for Residential and Commercial Solar in Valencia

With solar power becoming more popular, many solar companies have popped up over the years. Solar Unlimited has been in this industry since 1980, and we are proud to say that we have installed over 12,000 solar systems to date. In most cases, experience is more important than company size, so rest assured that our techs are highly trained and experienced.


Additional reasons for choosing us for solar installation in Valencia are:


  • Flexible payment plans, including zero down financing and fixed rate loans.
  • Free, no obligation home estimates. Find out what a solar system will cost you and when you can see the biggest return.
  • Respect for your home. Not only do we have experienced solar techs, but also they will treat your home as if it were their own.
  • Excellent service. While solar panels are very low maintenance, we’re here for you if anything happens! Solar Unlimited provides both maintenance and repair services.

Stop wondering about solar panels in Valencia and get the facts! Schedule your free estimate with Solar Unlimited to determine how much a solar system will cost and what you can save in the long run.