Solar Unlimited Executive Team

Bob Dominguez, Founder

 Bob Dominguez started Solar Unlimited Incorporated on February 1, 1980. The business plan was simple: “Start a solar company that specializes in the design and installation of solar heating swimming pools. Offer a great product and give the best service possible.”

Bob’s background is in the swimming pool industry. He was national sales manager for Raypak Incorporated, a manufacturer of heat transfer equipment, which included gas-fired swimming pool heaters. In 1975, Raypak expanded their product line to include a bimetal solar pool collector. Bob recognized the opportunity to save homeowners thousands of dollars in gas bills and still enjoy the benefits of a warm pool.

After Bob resigned, he visited his former employer, Raypak, and negotiated a factory dealership for his new company, Solar Unlimited.

In 1986, Raypak shut down its solar division and Solar Unlimited needed to shift gears quickly. Bob went to Redwood City, California and met with FAFCO Incorporated, the home of the first and finest polymer pool collector in the world. He returned with an exclusive factory dealership for Los Angeles and Ventura counties. After almost 30 years, Solar Unlimited’s strong relationship with FAFCO continues.

Today, Bob is proud that Solar Unlimited sells a full line of solar products and has a complete service department to take care of our most important asset: our customers. Bob is still active in the operation of his second love, Solar Unlimited. However, he is spending more time on the golf course with his first love, his wife Margie.