Good News from Washington DC for Solar

Good News from Washington DC for Solar

We, at Solar Unlimited, would like to share this good news from Washington DC for Solar owners and partners! It is important to us that you, as the consumer, be informed of news considering solar so you are up-to-date especially when it comes to saving money. Solar is way to help you save money on your energy bill. To be able to get installation with a tax credit is something to surely shout about. If you have been thinking about getting solar then you’ll love this article.

…. Let’s hope that House plus the Senate sign the bill.

Capitol Building“Solar ITC set for extension beyond 2022”

The solar investment tax credit (ITC) is set to be extended beyond 2022 with the current 30% level remaining until 2019.

Legislation has been passed to Congress that would also introduce a lower 10% rate to follow on beyond 2022.

According to the proposals, it will fall to 26% the following year and 22% in 2021 before remaining permanently at 10% thereafter. The new deadlines will only require projects to have commenced construction, not to have been grid-connected as is currently the case.

The announcement follows a round of horse-trading on Capitol Hill with Republicans securing the lifting of a 40-year ban on US crude oil exports.

A vote in the House on the proposals could take place as soon Thursday with the Senate vote taking place shortly after.

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